Night Sky

"Few things are as awe-inspiring as the starry sky on a clear night. Stargazing is a venerable pastime that still evokes wonder and amazement. For ancient civilizations, the stars served as clock, calendar and compass. Storytellers linked myths and legends to the stars, helping to preserve cultural knowledge and wisdom. While we no longer depend on the stars to forecast the season, find our way, or preserve our culture, stargazing is still a source of awe and wonder. It is a unifying, humbling experience that connects us to nature and puts our tiny place in the universe in perspective."
From Night Sky: A Field Gide to the Constellations

Jonathan's premier guidebook to the night sky is a must-have for anyone heading outside on a clear night. Now in it's second edition, Night Sky has sold over 100,000 copies and has been honored by the prestigious National Outdoor Book Awards.

Praise for Night Sky: A Field Gide to the Constellations
"Simple and easy to use, Night Sky is intelligently laid out, focusing on one constellation at time instead of charts with a mass of stars. The top edge of the book is tabbed with colors representing the four seasons. Each season begins with the most easily identified constellations progressing to more difficult. All these features are finished off nicely with just the right amount of complementary text to enhance your star gazing experience."
--National Outdoor Book Awards

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