Jonathan Poppele has been a student of wildlife tracking for over 20 years. He is the author of a national series of guidebooks to Animal Tracks, is certified in Track and Sign identification, and is the founder and director of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project.

Jonathan's national series of Animal Tracks guides combine clear, simple text with some of the most detailed and accurate track illustrations available anywhere.

"Tracking is the study and interpretation of the footprints and other signs left behind by animals as they go about their lives. Tracking does not necessarily mean following a string of footprints to locate the animal that made them. It means understanding the footprints, scrapes, chews, digs, and scat that we inevitably run across when we are out in nature. Tracking begins with identifying the animal that left the tracks and signs behind for us to see, and grows into an understanding of the intimate details of that animal’s life."
From Animal Tracks: Midwest Edition

Praise for Animal Tracks: Midwest Edition
"There are many great guides to identifying animal tracks. A few are truly excellent and some others are surprisingly misleading. Animal Tracks: Midwest Edition by Jonathan Poppele is a book that surprised me. It has fantastic track drawings, accurate information, and a very smart organization method. This book is inexpensive and worth adding to your library."
--Jonah Evans, State Mammalogist for Texas Parks and Wildlife

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