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Astronomy Projects

I have been an active member of the Astronomical League and the Minnesota Astronomical Society since about 2008. The Astronomical League offers dozens of observing programs to support members explore the diverse and fascinating hobby of amateur astronomy. Over the years, I have completed about a dozen programs, have many more under way, and am currently working to finish the retirements for my Master Observer certification through the Astronomical League. I also contribute observations to a number of citizen science astronomy projects. Here are the projects I contribute to:

American Association of Variable Star Observers -- You can find my reported observations under my user name PJOF
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers Meteors Section
Globe at Night

Here is a list of Astronomical League programs I have completed or currently have underway, together with links to the Astronomical League page for each program. I am now in the process of digitizing many of my observing records and plan to upload many of those records to this site.