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Embodied Leadership

Embodied Leadership is a monthly workshop series designed to integrate the Art of Living Naturally into your daily life. These experiential sessions develop resilience, alignment, calmness, confidence, openness, connection, and freedom of movement and expression not as concepts, or even as skills, but as embodied qualities. When someone embodied these qualities, we call them a "natural leader."

Structure of the Series:

Embodied Leadership workshops are held on the 3rd or 4th Tuesday of the month. Each workshop runs for 90 minutes. Doors open at least 20 minutes ahead of time for socializing and networking. The workshops are scheduled in series of three sessions, though each workshop stands alone.

Tuition & Registration:

Single session: $45
3 Session Package: $125
6 Session Package: $235
12 Session Package: $425

Online registration will be available soon. To register, contact Jonathan Poppele directly by phone (612-388-4700) or e-mail ( Tuition may be paid in advance or at the door.

Enrollment in the Embodied Leadership Series for you and a guest is included in all one-on-one mentoring packages with Jonathan.